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Discover the wonderful villas for sale in San Remo, in the extraordinary City of Flowers, the Casino and the Italian Song Festival.

San Remo is known all over the world for all its brilliant characteristics, which make it unique. A seaside town, rich in history and enchanting landscape architecture.

For art lovers, antiquity and photography we cannot fail to mention the Pigna, the historic center of the city. The Pigna district is an intertwining of alleys, of old houses with an ancient flavor. Upon reaching the historic center, it is a must to visit the Madonna Della Costa Sanctuary.

The church is typically Baroque, both in the facade and in the architectural layout and in the rich and scenic interior decoration, consisting of frescoes, full of colorful movement, reliefs and statues, depicted in the characteristic theatrical attitudes. .

From the churchyard you can enjoy a splendid panorama, overlooking the city from above to the sea.

Another symbol of the city is the famous Art Nouveau Casino dating back to the early 1900s. Place of fame, in the halls of the gambling house you could meet Vittorio De Sica, King Gustav Of Sweden, King Leopold of Belgium, Ranieri and Grace of Monaco, King Faruk, who visited the green tables every day in the 1950s.

There is no shortage of events: in addition to the aforementioned Italian Song Festival, an event that has been held since 1951, we also remember the arrival of the historic Milan – San Remo cycling race, full of emotions and curiosities, the San Remo Rallye competition, the famous Regattas, the Golf tournaments or the amazing San Remo Flowers Parade

Also the climate makes San Remo an ideal city. In fact, the protection it receives from the mountain ridge that rises behind it allows it to have a particularly mild temperature in winter, with very few days of rain, and never very hot in summer. The ideal situation for those who love living by the sea but without giving up the mountains.

In this scenario, LiguriaHomes Casamare is the right real estate agency for those looking for a villa for sale in San Remo.

Discover all our real estate proposals and take a look at the photo gallery and at the video. At your disposal, the possibility to choose many features, including: sea view, garage, garden, swimming pool…


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