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Andora is a seaside resort located in the westernmost part of the Ligurian Riviera, between the inlets of Capo Mele and Capo Mimosa.

According to historical sources it was an ancient possession of the Roman period. There are many monuments and places of interest in the city, among which we remember: The Church of Santi Giacomo e Filippo built in Romanesque style. The Andora Castle, the aqueduct, the medieval fountain and Palazzo Tagliaferro, which houses an exhibition space of contemporary art, together with the “Luciano Dabroi” mineralogical museum.

The history of Andora has romantic roots. In the village lived a beautiful girl named Andalora, in love with the young Stefanello. Their love, however, was opposed by the Saracen Al Kadir, who kidnapped the girl, tying her to the mast of her ship. Stefanello secretly freed him, but due to an error he was discovered and killed by the soldier on guard. Andalora hugged and he, and before the beloved breathed his last, they threw themselves into the sea together. Al Kadir, faced with the tragic scene, was moved, then converting to Christianity and calling the places he conquered with the name of the two lovers. Andalora thus became Andora and Stefanello became Stellanello (the neighboring hamlet), two villages that were now inseparable for eternity.

Andora obtained in 2016 the Blue Flag award for the quality of the tourist port services.

The economy of the town is based on tourism: during the summer months, the population reaches about seven thousand to one hundred thousand inhabitants, thanks to the presence of numerous villas and second homes.

With a transparent sea, the beach of fine sand, the woods and olive groves, the Mediterranean vegetation, Andora is the favorite destination for lovers of bathing and sports activities in contact with the nature.

In Andora sports are practiced all year round: it is possible to practice surfing, kite surfing, beach volleyball, trekking in nature and mountain biking, among centuries-old olive trees and scenic trails.

There are several sporting activities in the town of Andora: football, bowls game, tennis, cycling, sailing and skating.

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