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LiguriaHomes Casamare offers a wide choice of houses for sale in Vallebona, both in the historic center, on the hills, with sea view or with garden.

Vallebona is an ancient medieval village, developed mainly vertically, with alleys, squares, overlooked by stone houses. The village can be reached by walking for just over 4km going up from the coast of Bordighera. Despite the vertical development (with a significant difference in height of about 200 meters), the village is arranged according to a concentric pattern around the church and the town hall.

Arcades and covered passages are part of the remarkable monumental unit that characterizes the village of Vallebona, while the cobblestone pavement gives elegance and lightness to the squares and open spaces.

The buildings of the outermost ring towards the valley merge into a city wall, which ends on the side of the access road to the town with the historic Porta di Santa Maria.

The main monument is the Church of San Lorenzo, founded in medieval times and then rebuilt in Baroque forms, with a beautiful portal from the 15th century, easily identifiable from any point in the valley. The crucifix of the twenty-fifth century is of valuable manufacture. Also interesting is the Oratory of the Disciplinati, with frescoed interiors.

Vallebona is located in the center of an agricultural area that enjoys excellent exposure, cultivated for many centuries with vines, olive trees, citrus fruits, vegetables and, more recently, flowers.

For photography lovers there are many secondary roads that offer good panoramic views: towards the east, in Seborga and Sasso di Bordighera, you can take the best view of the village.

Thanks to the good ventilation, Vallebona is recommended for those who want to do bathing activities without giving up the quiet of the countryside. There are many possibilities to make excursions in the surroundings, visiting the nearby villages or walking along the paths.

The calendar of events in Vallebona is very interesting: in summer, the “Ape in fiore” event takes place. On the streets of the town dozens of “Piaggio Ape” are displayed, decorated with flowers and other materials. The characteristic three-wheeler is the absolute protagonist of the work in the fields. The narrow streets and slopes make it the ideal means of locomotion for farmers. Thanks to the event, it has become a symbol of tourist hospitality in Vallebona.

LiguriaHomes Casamare real estate agency manages homes for sale in Vallebona thanks to the local branch located in Bordighera on Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 96.

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