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At LiguriaHomes Casamare, we don't just assist you in finding the perfect property in Liguria; we also help you discover the best that the Italian Riviera has to offer. Here are some of our top suggestions for enhancing your lifestyle in this beautiful region.

Local Guides

  • Sanremo Live and Love
    • Discover the beauty and attractions of Sanremo through Sanremo Live and Love, your comprehensive guide to the city.


  • Hotel Nazionale - Best Western in San Remo
    • A luxurious stay awaits you at Hotel Nazionale, located in the heart of Sanremo. Perfect for both short visits and extended stays.

Architecture & Interior Design

  • Archimaiga
    • Offering a range of home services, from building recovery to restoration as well as new constructions. Learn more at Archimaiga.

Sailing Schools

  • Veladoc - Sailing School, Broker & Charter in Sanremo
    • Learn the art of sailing at Veladoc, a renowned sailing school in Sanremo that also offers brokerage and charter services.

Yacht Clubs

  • Yacht Club Sanremo
    • Experience the luxury of yachting at Yacht Club Sanremo, a prestigious club offering a range of nautical activities.

Golf Clubs

  • Golf Club Sanremo
    • Enjoy a round of golf at Golf Club Sanremo, featuring a world-class course and facilities.

Language Schools

  • Omnilingua - Language School in Sanremo
    • Enhance your language skills at Omnilingua, offering a variety of courses in multiple languages.


  • Byblos Restaurant - Seafront Restaurant in Ospedaletti
    • Enjoy fine dining at Byblos Restaurant, a seafront restaurant in Ospedaletti known for its exquisite cuisine.



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