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The town of Bordighera stands out in the Ligurian landscape for its rich architectural heritage: it is no coincidence that the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities had included 45 properties in the list of properties subject to protection.

Perhaps the most famous Villa in Bordighera is Villa Margherita (high on Via Romana), the private residence of Queen Margherita of Savoy (1851-1926), a very affectionate guest of Bordighera. The Queen arrived in Bordighera for the first time in 1879, she went down to the Cap Hotel, then she was the guest of Rafael Bischoffsheim, a very rich German banker, in the villa (adjacent to Villa Margherita) that he had built in 1873 by the architect Charles Garnier. Villa Bischoffsheim, where the landlord will receive, among his many illustrious friends, the French chemist Louis Pasteur, will be later inhabited by an English family who will rename it Villa Etelinda. It will then be bought by Queen Margherita herself.

In 1914, the sovereign decided to build a new and larger Villa, designed in neo-baroque style by the architect Luigi Broggi, inaugurated on February 25, 1916, the official residence of the Queen during the winter season. In Bordighera into Villa Margherita, in April 1925, Prince Umberto of Savoy and Princess Maria José of Belgium will meet; and here, on January 4, 1926, the sovereign died at the age of 74. The Savoy family will donate the villa to the National Association of Families of the Fallen and Missing in War, which managed this Villa in Bordighera as a residence.

Since 2011 it has housed a picture gallery museum with the collections of the Terruzzi Foundation.

The elegant white silhouette of Villa Garnier dominates the Arziglia, private residence in Bordighera of the famous French architect Charles Garnier (1825-1898), designer of the Paris Opera (the largest European theater of the 19th century), of the Casino of Montecarlo and of the Nice Observatory. In Bordighera, where he lived for a long time, he designed, among other things, Villa Etelinda (private residence of Queen Margherita of Savoy), the school building (now the Town Hall), the church of the Holy Land and Villa Studio. And, of course, his private Villa in Bordighera.

There are many period villas for sale in Bordighera. Among our proposals you will also find beautiful villas for sale with swimming pool and sea view!

Bordighera is located to the west of the coast of the Italian Riviera, at the foot of the Maritime Alps. From the historic center of the city to the splendid hills there are the most exclusive villas for sale: please contact LiguriaHomes Casamare | Bordighera for more information.

Buying a Villa in Bordighera also means being immersed and living daily within this history, within this culture.

Since 1991 the LiguriaHomes Casamare | Bordighera real estate agency has been offering the best properties for sale in Bordighera: among these you will surely find your Villa in Bordighera.


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