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The city of Imperia is located in the heart of the Italian Riviera dei Fiori. It is characterized by having 2 souls, separated by a stream called Impero (from which its name derives): an older one, made up of narrow streets, alleys, very suggestive views, represented by Porto Maurizio and a more modern one, which is reflected in Oneglia, characterized by the colorful houses of the fishermen and by the Palazzo Doria.

The signs of the past are still alive within the two main centers that make up Imperia. Churches, ports, stations and even three patron saints.

Over time the town of Imperia has established itself as a tourist-seaside resort, but it maintains an important industrial and commercial center in the oil and pasta sector.

For the greediest: you can taste various gastronomic specialties, such as focaccia, cooked differently in the two districts. Of note is the Pizza all'Andrea, typical of the Onegliese area, or the Stroscia di Pietrabruna, made from flour, sugar, Taggiasca olive oil from the province of Imperia and vermouth or marsala, which should not be cut, but broken with your hands. Hence the name of the cake (from the Ligurian dialect stroscià: to break, to break).

Another specialty, is the Farinata, a low savory pie, made with chickpea flour and olive oil, particularly tasty because it is seasoned with spring onion, which when cooked in the oven is golden and crunchy (also here , each district has its own particularities).

Imperia is also an interesting cultural center, just think of the Cineforum, active since the 1960s, which today has more than 800 members. A particular mention goes to CICAP, the Italian Committee for the Control of Claims on the Paranormal founded in 1989 by Piero Angela.

For astronomy enthusiasts, the Meteorological and Seismic Observatory is active in Imperia, located in Porto Maurizio in the turret of the primary school building on Piazza Roma, which continuously provides data relating to local weather conditions and it is included in various scientific surveying networks.

The valleys located behind the city are particularly short and the summit ridge acts as a barrier to the north. An effective shelter from the coldest winds, which gives the town a particularly mild climate.

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