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A Villa by the sea or on the hills? If you are looking for a villa for sale in Ospedaletti, rely on the professionalism of LiguriaHomes Casamare real estate agents, present since 1991 in the village of Ospedaletti.

Ospedaletti is a coastal village, characterized by a very mild climate throughout the year. This is thanks to its unique location: Ospedaletti is located in a natural amphitheater, between Capo Nero and Capo Sant’Ampelio, protected from the cold winds of the North in winter and mitigated in summer by a lively regime of breezes.

For bicycle and walk lovers , Ospedaletti has a cycle path that connects it to Sanremo and up to Imperia and overlooks splendid beach clubs and many free beaches, both sandy and pebbly, equipped for all needs.

Ospedaletti is a quiet place, loved by both tourists and those who live there all year round.

Among the monuments and places of interest, we find Villa Sultana, where the first casino in Italy was wished in 1883, then closed in 1925.

In the same period of the opening of the casino, large hotels were built. From that moment on, the town transformed itself from a simple fishing village into a real tourist center.

For twenty-five years, Ospedaletti hosted the Grand Prix (from 1947 to 1972) in its circuit (or "little Italian Nurburgring", as Enzo Ferrari nicknamed it): a long straight whose two ends were connected by an excellent ring road. The adventure of Formula One was witnessed by the biggest names of the time, from Nuvolari to Fangio, Ascari, Bira, Villoresi. It ended in 1951 due to the safety problems caused by the serious accident of Johnny Claes and the power of the new engines that no longer found an outlet on the overly compressed track.

The agenda of events in Ospedaletti is very dense: "Waiting for San Giovanni" during the summer; the “Pignurin” festival, a small fish very abundant in the Ligurian sea, which is caught and fried in huge pans and then made to taste by locals and tourists. The “Eating and savoring” event on the cycle path, the musical event “Jazz under the stars” and the re-enactment of the Grand Prix every two years, which sees the participation of crews for the sports cars and motorbikes built between the 1930s and 1960s.

Ospedaletti has also an amphitheater where, in summer, various events such as open-air cinema are organized.

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