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Perinaldo is a medieval historic center, located on a splendid ridge between olive groves and vineyards, with a splendid view of the Ligurian Alps to the north and the sea to the south.

The city is also known as "Borgo delle stelle": many world-famous astronomers were born in the Ligurian town, such as Giovanni Cassini, one of the first modern astronomers. The scientist discovered four satellites of Saturn (Dione, Iapetus, Rhea and Thetis), the Cassini Division in the rings of Saturn and the Great Red Spot of Jupiter.

A must visit is the Municipal Astronomical Observatory in memory of Cassini, open all year round. It is located inside the Town Hall and inside there is a 380mm Newtonian telescope, along with other instruments for observing the sun by day, stars, planets, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

With its squares, alleys and ancient stone walls, the village of Perinaldo boasts a thousand-year history. Between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries it was the subject of bloody fights between the Doria family and the Grimaldi of Monaco.

In Perinaldo, numerous buildings have been built for religious purposes, such as the ancient convent of San Sebastiano (now the Town Hall) or the church of San Nicola di Bari.

In a panoramic position, outside the town, there is the sanctuary of the Madonna della Visitazione. Legend has it that the parish priest sent there those who had confessed his sins, imposing on him as a penance to remain on his knees from sunset to the next morning on grains of corn scattered on the door.

A peculiarity that we find here is the Sundial of the Church of the Visitation (among the 16 largest in Italy): it is spread over two levels, with a height of the gnomic forum of about 8 meters. The sun enters the church to project his image on the floor.

Perinaldo is surrounded by greenery. In fact, it offers several paths to walk through its countless woods, connected by small streets. A truly unspoiled nature.

In the restaurants of the village, you can taste typical products, such as the Perinaldo artichoke (Slow Food presidium), Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil and Rossese di Dolceacqua wine.

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