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Vallebona property for sale

Vallebona, West Liguria

Vallebona is a nice village in the hinterland of Bordighera, Liguria. In Vallebona there are some very interesting property for sale with sea view or in the historic center, or villas surrounded by land with swimming pool and sea view.

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Situated just 4 km from the sea, Vallebona is one of Liguria's oldest and most typical villages. The natural rock shines through from the walls of the houses. Below every house is a stable or cellar; polished stone steps lead up to the floors above. The dark shadows of the steep lanes and narrow, sloping streets give the arches and buttresses an air of mystery. At the entrance to the village of Vallebona, the remains of the archway are marked by the cracks from which soldiers would pour boiling oil onto their enemies. Beyond the gate of Santa Maria one finds the square and parish church of San Lorenzo with its picturesque stone bell tower dating back to the 13th century. The soaring bell tower of the parish church (now too modern and too pale in colour) marks out another feature of particular architectural interest: the lintel above the main door, dated 1478. Dear to the memories of the inhabitants of Vallebona is the "Rappresentazione della Passione di Cristo", the Passion play which villagers would put on every ten years. A text in old Italian with flowing, unpolished verses and imperfect rhymes was used to great dramatic effect. The village was very probably founded in Middle Ages, thanks to its fertile and well tillable soil, from which it might have drawn the name "Valle Buona" (= good valley). Like other villages and suburbs of western Liguria it became a rule of the Earls of Ventimiglia, who subjugated the village until 1686. Since then it has joined with other seven communes to the "Magnificent Community of the Eight Places", an independent community although under the control of the Republic of Genoa.

Nowadays Vallebona is known for his typical ligurian architecture: stone houses, bells and towers. Walking through the “carrugi”, we can find squares, and suggestive places, characteristics restaurants specialized in typical Ligurian food: rabbit spiced with laurel, rosemary and black olives; meat ravioli, ‘torta verde’ (green pie) and ‘meresane’, ‘zucchini’ flowers filled with vegetables, eggs and cheese. Typical desserts are ‘Buscaiteli’ and ‘Bugie’ flavoured with orange flower water, reminders of an antique countryside activity.

During the Summer, the village of Vallebona offers a rich calendar of events with shows, movies, parties with musical bands from Vallebona and traditional culinary festivals followed by dancing with orchestra.


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